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A winning attitude - Hitting the Inc. 5000

APRIL 26, 2021

ANA Smith, Bosnia

Anchora defines its success by its clients’ growth and satisfaction – and also by its milestones. Hitting the Inc. 5000 list is a testament to the value we bring to our clients as much as it is an opportunity to appreciate our growth as a company. 

What has been the driving force behind our success through navigating 2020 and the onset of a shaky economic status? Follow along as we touch the surface of these questions  from a broad perspective and honor a couple of instrumental factors leading towards this milestone.

Anchora Solutions for the win
One of the many solutions we offer had a rise to fame in 2020. Not through determination, but through sheer desperation. Businesses that felt resistant or were on the fence about outsourcing specific departments were forced to reconsider their decision. The fear and insecurity about Work From Home solutions quickly subsided as companies embraced their obvious ray of hope in the pandemic-stricken era. With this unexpected turn of events came the striking realization that virtual solutions can be solid, secure, and reliable. The change may have been a stretch, but it proved to have gotten businesses across many industries comfortable in this new dimension.

Everything is possible with the right Process
The need for the right systems and processes came to a head in light of the instability of the global economy. When everything else is uncertain, holding onto a steady process seems like the only solution. With our unique systems and processes that combine the most advanced solutions tailored to each industry’s specific needs, trusting the process has proven to quite literally pay off in every sense of the word. With undue pressure taken off the plate of team leaders as a large chunk of tasks and responsibilities get automated, a stronger, more focused opportunity for leadership arises. Growth becomes practically unavoidable.

Teamwork is dreamwork: 
An elemental focus of our company has always been on relationships. Relationship between the client and our teams, and within our own teams and management. When it comes to crisis, economic challenges and foundational upheaval, this structure relies on personal connection and deep conversation to uncover best practices and solutions. Proper communication is the catalyst for change and growth when even the best systems may fail. Whatever the problem may be, teamwork is step 1 of the solution.

Winning place 516 in the Inc. 5000 list reaffirmed that our mission of transforming the world, one company at a time, truly begins at home.