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Know More About Shore

APRIL 26, 2021

ANA Smith, Bosnia

Although partnership choice is arguably the most important component of BPO, the topic of geographical location in outsourcing has attracted a spike in interest and consideration in the current inflation climate, for good reason. Location being only one factor in the equation, let’s explore a number of characteristics that significantly impact the success of BPO solutions.

Onshore, Near-shore, and Off-shore

While Onshore outsourcing garners high credibility for culture, language proficiency and overall convenience, its faults typically lie in higher costs and the struggle of employee shortages.

Where near-shore and off-shore choices are concerned, businesses seem to be missing the basic understanding about key differences, positioning them at a risk of making uneducated decisions. Following are some practical characteristics that play a considerable role in the BPO industry and how they vary based on location.

Language and Culture
Agents with professional English proficiency tend to be more accessible in nearshore vs. off-shore locations, particularly in South America and Philippines. However, as cultural differences increasingly prove to be an asset rather than a hindrance for many U.S. based businesses, the emphasis on language proficiency is gradually shifting. Ultimately, matching each business with the group that shares a similar culture and work ethic is a primary focus.

Time-Zone Differences
Time-zone differences are a cause for concern when considering BPO and should be thoroughly weighed. While near-shore often offers the benefit of overlapping hours, off-shore time zones may prove to be flexible too, depending on the exact gap of time and operating hours. Although efficient integration of systems and processes reduce time-sensitive communication to a minimum, every business looks for the assurance that easy, quick communication offers. Never fail to apply proper consideration that time zone differences call for.

It is easy to assume that off-shore outsourcing is more cost-effective than near-shore, as costs of employment tend to be lower in countries farther from the U.S. While this is a valid point, related expenses such as transportation, currency-exchange, and communication should also be factored into the total when comparing cost. When it comes to the bottom line, every detail should be accounted for to get the most accurate picture.

While near shore holds the promise of better communication and shorter travel distance, it is inaccurate to judge performance based on these conveniences. When trying to compare quality between BPO shores, there is more at stake than geographical location and generalized assumptions. From systems and processes, to communication, professionalism, and employee retention, a high quality BPO solution largely depends on the quality of the provider and its team leaders.

The decision to outsource business services is a big one. The decision between near-shore or off-shore, a big one in its own right. As much as it is up to the service provider to present all options fairly, it is crucial for the business owners to know their needs in order to differentiate one advantage from the other and reach the decision that will benefit their business from every angle.

True to Anchora’s mission to disrupt the world with creative solutions, our locations across the globe offer near-shore and off-shore solutions for U.S. based businesses, so that each client is secure in their unique journey.