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Processes - the Power, Problems, and Anchora's Promise.

APRIL 26, 2021

ANA Smith, Bosnia

The common thread woven through every level of Anchora’s identity is the evolution of perfecting an art: the art of listening. As much as the business solutions we offer to clients are rooted in practicality, the decision is always guided through an individualized approach. In this article we discuss unique perspectives, highlighting key elements we keep our ears open to when supporting clients in considering the integration of tailored systems and processes.

A Premature pivot
All too common with the uprising of sprawling businesses is the overconsumption or premature application of tools. 
Let’s discuss KPI , a powerful tool with the potential to impact strategic business outcomes when applied correctly. Applied before a company strategy is firmly set, however, may potentially result in a chain of misleading metrics or useless distractions at best. The magic of KPI lies in its alignment to the business strategy, its output being a direct reflection of its positioning. 
A rule of thumb when determining if a company is ready to take the leap is that strategy must precede solutions. With support and passion, we walk businesses through the crucial steps to develop a solid strategy that paves the way for further growth and tools. 

Solutions for the sake of growth
With enterprise solutions all the rage it is tempting, if not irresistible, to chase every solution that holds a promise for bigger, better results. In a frantic race to success, businesses are bombarded with answers of HOW, but often, the question of WHY is ignored. 
As a company that prides itself in being innovators at heart, the end result will always be the final truth we seek. Interpreting and dissecting the direct results that tailored solutions will have on a business is what we believe implements effective change; change for the sake of growth rather than for the sake of change. 

The Answer is in the process
All is not for naught when it comes to the hype around processes, automation , KPI’s , and a host of exceedingly popular solutions for businesses. Every successful business needs solid footing, and a firm, supportive foundational system is the stepping stone on which they lean. 
It is no secret that leaders are known to be notoriously bad at delegating; a natural offshoot of their exceptional ambition and grit that actually puts them at a disadvantage when it comes to systemizing their business. When they finally take the leap and delegate much of their day to day tasks, what often follows is an initial perceived sense of decreased control. In essence, it is the delegation that ultimately sets them free. When the weight of undue pressure and micromanaging small-scale issues become a thing of the past, leaders feel supported to step into new shoes, focusing on the greater mission of the business.

At Anchora, we believe that every success story holds an untold narrative of collaboration and communication. Filling the lines between passion and practicality is an environment where communication is welcomed, concepts are challenged and solutions presented. Now, that makes a truly powerful solution.