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What Matters at The Workplace?

APRIL 26, 2021

ANA Smith, Bosnia

Today, employees want more. And they deserve more. A fair salary and decent benefits no longer cut it as adequate incentives when it comes to hiring talent and retaining employees.

This article is the result of countless conversations with Anchora employees, where we get curious about why they choose to invest themselves in Anchora every day. A roundup of their responses offers a unique peek into human nature and people’s sincere desires in the workplace. 

Humans, Not Robots
With increasing popularity and, dare we say, exploitation, employee tracking and monitoring technologies have become a standard in the workplace. From tracking bathroom breaks to measuring mouse clicks, this setup nudges employees towards extreme efficiency goals, often at the expense of creativity and best performance. 
Anchora’s model encourages employees to stay true to themselves, never clouding their personal work style in order to fit the system. As one manager in Colombia puts it “A very healthy work environment. We’re humans, not numbers”. 
Choking the notion of individuality is a sure-fire way to distinguish the flow of creativity and the art of collaboration, two essential components exemplified by Anchora teams across the world. The greatest testimony of a healthy work environment is one where breaks are freely taken and authority is regarded as a trusted mentorship bond rather than a hierarchy of power.

Tangible Growth Goal
The lofty promise of ‘growing with the company’ is only as true as the systems set in place to execute them. Many Anchora employees recall the stifling position at previous jobs and express having felt like they’ll never hit the unrealistic goals that were set for them, or that they were one of many in runner up positions waiting for promotion. 
The result of a growth-oriented environment is a leadership where each influential member was once a beginner investing his efforts working towards, and effectively earning, a higher position. As one hardworking Operations Manager says, “People here can grow and help the company grow. The ones who have helped the company are now leading.”

Encouraging Resilience
A job description has never done justice to the skills that are actually needed on a day to day basis while entrenched in demanding work. Even with a tight work structure and crystal clear guidelines in place, hiccups are bound to happen. The difference between riding the hitch or hitting a full-on stumbling block lies in the response and attitude to the challenge. 
Employees at different locations and positions pointed out ‘positivity and a can-do attitude’ as one of the greatest values at Anchora. Whatever challenge they may face, it’s nothing that a little bit of collaboration and brainstorming won’t solve. 
Want to keep your team far away from burnout? Prevent unnecessary strain and fatigue by implementing the most accurate guidelines, while at the same time encouraging resilience and innovation. After all, the secret to success lies at the intersection of processes and the ability to sway from them.