Many languages, multiple
cultures, one mission:

We are driven to help our clients become unstoppable. Using global talent and proprietary tech we disrupt the corporate world with creative solutions. Our offices around the world work hands-on with each organization as we transform one company at time.

Helping clients across different markets achieve explosive growth.



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Safe to See:

For 10 years, Anchora has been helping clients invent and change the way they operate. From business process development to managed manpower, Anchora has led the way in operational transformation. Anchora clients are safe to explore new technologies, new systems, and new ideas because they have the Anchora backbone. Systemic change happens from tiny, seemingly insignificant tasks, and Anchora is here for it.

Our everyday compass

Captains of Change

Where others resent change, we live for it. We absolutely love a good challenge. With an open mind and focus we are the impetus for lasting change.

For the Love of Data

We ditch promises for numbers, because our numbers don’t lie. We always back up our work and strategy with data and metrics to drive success and results.

People Above All

Our people are everything. We are proud to be a multi-cultural and diverse company. We approach every transaction with our human side first.

Innovators @ Heart

We are not satisfied with the status quo. We are creative and innovative, always on the search for better tools and systems that will help our clients be more effective and efficient.


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Michael Rubin


As CEO, Michael personifies humble leadership. His keen mind and human centered approach have affected groundbreaking changes in the professional services industry. Michael skillfully developed a powerful operational model that enables companies to outsource successfully, and continues to be motivated by his strong desire to help others operate their business as efficiently as possible. Outside of his work investments, Michael enjoys spending time with his family and takes pride in his scholarly advancements.

Alvaro Torres


An industrial engineer with 15 years of experience in the BPO industry, Alvaro attributes his success as a team leader to his ethics and values. True to Anchora’s core, Alvaro is driven by honesty, empathy, respect, and accountability. As a life-long learner he devours knowledge at every opportunity through reading, listening to podcasts and gleaning insight from intelligent people. A true tech guy at heart, he immerses himself in gadgets, is fascinated by video games, and has lots of fun drone flying. Above all, his greatest joy is spending quality time with his wife and two daughters.

Ari Sofair-Fisch


As Chief Financial Officer, Ari’s strategic and analytical footprints are all over each client, department and office. Ari leads the team and clients in making profitable transactions. His diverse career in mechanical engineering, sales and as an actuarial analyst, led to a perfect amalgamation of skills to direct Anchora’s financial department. Ari cares deeply about his family, community and the world at large and tries to make a difference whenever possible. Ari spends a lot of time volunteering for various charities and coaching his sons in flag football and tee ball.

Rachel King


Rachel has been with Anchora from the beginning. She strives to seamlessly work with vendors, customers and employees in a professional and clear manner. Rachel holds a Masters in Social Work, which is evident in her human and caring approach. As a wife and mom, Rachel’s hands are pretty full. In her words, “Who has time for hobbies?”

Daniel Illyasayev


Daniel likes getting things DONE. His every transaction is punctuated by honesty, focus and a desire for quality work. As a leader and manager, Daniel tunes into his team to help them better themselves and become successful in their respective roles. With his experience in real estate management and the pooled trust industry, he lends a unique perspective to his clients. For Daniel, every day is a chance to challenge himself. Questioning, learning, volunteering, his time is filled with ways to push beyond his comfort zone. In his spare time, Daniel enjoys taking walks with his wife and skiing!

Jamon Lyons


Jamon loves a good challenge. He constantly seeks to create better ways to do things; carving a trail and having fun along the way. Jamon believes the wellbeing of all employees is what creates success and that everyone in a business, from bottom 

to top, should be given opportunities to learn and grow personally and professionally. That’s why Jamon is always focused on fostering the skills of his team leaders and positioning them for success. He wants people to be excited to come to work each day the same way he is. Jamon holds a BA in visual design. After a decade of brand design development, consulting and management, Jamon dedicates his skills and talent to Anchora clients. When he’s not helping a client succeed, Jamon enjoys writing, drumming and spending time with his little son.

Teddy Kravetsky


Teddy is never happy with the status quo. As a student of the world, he’s always looking to solve problems, improve communication, perfect systems and learn more about different industries. He enjoys the challenge of making the impossible a reality. With strong organization, positivity and proactiveness, Teddy continues to build an unstoppable team. Teddy holds a BSc in health studies from the University of Waterloo and has a background in both healthcare and customer service. Previously certified as an EMT and a first aid trainer, Teddy fuses his leadership and teaching skills to help healthcare clients succeed. When he’s not working or studying various worldly topics, Teddy enjoys reading, cooking, organizing, and running.

Zach Halperin

Account Manager

Zach Halperin, is a young and driven Account Manager at Anchora. With an outgoing personality and a primary focus on developing strong relationships, Zach exudes enthusiasm in every interaction. His client-centric approach and empathetic nature allow him to understand unique client needs and tailor solutions that foster trust and mutual success. Through effective communication and a dedication to forging lasting partnerships, Zach Halperin drives growth and solidifies Anchora’s position as a trailblazer in the industry.

Adrian Hurtado


Adrian understands the power of a positive leader and the remarkable way in which they influence people, and passionately leads by example. That is why he sees every day at work as an opportunity to be the superhero every client needs. His robust professional background in social communications and management has set the pace for his rapid growth within Anchora. Adrian finds that discovering new places is the most incredible way to discover ourselves, and is intrigued by other cultures when travelling and connecting. In his free time, he enjoys playing the guitar and spending time with family.

Isaac Tuason


Issac believes that everyone holds the power to success. As a seasoned BPO leader with over 13 years experience, he is driven by the expectation that people should not only perform their basic responsibilities, but instead be really good at it. He is passionate about offering guidance, support, and systems to help his team tap into their full potential.

Jendy Perez


Working with Jendy is always exciting due to his upbeat and energetic attitude. He believes hard work trumps everything.Dedication and teamwork are the key components to getting things done. He is constantly striving for improvement on a daily basis, and his motivation seems to be never-ending. He is a caring person who puts his heart and soul into everything he is a part of. He was born in the Dominican Republic but has spent the majority of his life in the United States. Jendy has a passion for helping others and is constantly seeking ways to lend a hand.

Milena Mendoza


The satisfaction Milena’s efforts brings to clients is her greatest driving force. With several years of experience in the BPO industry, she continues to acquire and perfect valuable skills to keep her at the top. Her work as a bilingual agent for many years has helped shape the skills she currently utilizes as a seasoned Team Leader.

Jeremy Wallace


Jeremy has worked in sales, marketing and education and finds that his position at Anchora allows him to fuse all his previous experience and talents to help his clients succeed. Jeremy puts a strong emphasis on communication and consistency. His respectful and human approach makes his clients feel understood and valued. He passionately builds his team allowing all to share the taste of success. Jeremy enjoys riding his bike, exercising, studying Torah and spending time with his wife and friends.

Lina Ochoa


Lina is passionate about making connections with others. As an HR director for 10 years, she is thrilled to be doing what she’s best at: listening to everyone’s needs and solving their problems. Lina is an intellectual spirit who enjoys spending time with loved ones, reading and dancing.

Yuliana Niebles


Yuliana has been a driving force behind various campaigns for over 7 years, actively supporting the development of the leaders. As the head of the training department, she is not only driven by a passion to help people acquire the right skills to achieve their goals, but to help them grow as a person through it all. Yuliana boldly reflects that being part of the growth process herself has been her biggest inspiration.

Marvin Sanitiago


With Marvin’s thirst for knowledge, it is no wonder he has filled a range of essential roles in his many years at Anchora. His ambition and loyalty to grow with the company has helped him overcome many hurdles in the corporate path, currently leading as a TA Director. Marvin finds immense joy in spending time with his family and immersing himself in knowledge.

Daniela Lopez


Daniela finds reward in the process of growth. In her 10 years at Anchora, she has experienced and effected a whole lot of it. Through her evolution as an agent, team leader and coordinator, her love for people and their growth has proven to be a significant factor in the impact she continues to make.

Anton Shushkov


Anton likes to build. He’s left a significant mark in the aerospace engineering and architectural software sphere. Today, he builds a dream team at Anchora. He believes that motivated employees ensure flexibility to effectively complete tasks. When he’s not working, Anton enjoys spreading joy through music and volunteering opportunities.

Alejandra Donado


Alenjandra’s vision is simple; to ensure quality, accuracy, and productivity through the many detailed roles she fills as a senior team leader. The root of this vision is her guarantee to meet each client’s highest expectations. Alenjandra is passionate about finding joy in her work and spreading it to those around her. She believes that every challenge can become a learning experience, and is focused to making the most of every roadblock.

Andres Sanchez


Andres is fascinated by numbers, measures, metrics, and the endless opportunities they provide to help structure and maintain teams. As a Senior Team Manager with lots of experience behind his belt filling significant administrative roles, he is the image of assertive leadership. In his spare time, Andres finds joy in exploring the magic of Harry Potter and the intricacies of Excel.

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